Trusting… But Difficult

Occasionally I preach. This is one of those messages that gives permission for lament and the mingling of fear and trust. Check it out at FPC Message 9/2017. 


So…what was i thinking? Guatemala week 2-3

So, what was I thinking?! What part of immersion Spanish study in Guatemala for 7 weeks was fun?  I was thinking adventure and exploration- the excitement of a brand new culture! Visions of climbing volcanoes, viewing mountain ranges and browsing colorful markets filled my mind... To some extent this is what what Guatemala has been, … Continue reading So…what was i thinking? Guatemala week 2-3

26 months overdue

I stopped blogging sometime back in 2013. No need to list the dry whirlwind of excuses...I simply stopped writing.  Life experiences piled up like bulky telephone books in a dusty corner. But starting in just 2 weeks I embark on a 6 month Sabbatical.  6 months of unhurried time and space. Time to remember those stories, … Continue reading 26 months overdue

Our Foxy Box

No God-fearing Christian would ever purposely claim to put God in a box with the definitive statements that sums up God’s action in a precise word. I never thought that I would be that person, only to find out that this is exactly what I’ve done – put God in a box. The Provision-This-Way Box. … Continue reading Our Foxy Box